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When the term free movement of services is used it requires that nationals supplying services from any one Member State “(the first state )” is entitled to supply services to a consumer in or from another member state( the second state )   without ,

  • Limitations on entry of firms
  • Foreign equity limitations
  • Quotas on output
  • Requirements regarding the legal form of establishment
  • Licensing or certification requirements

where no such restrictions are placed on the nationals supplying the same services who are in competition with the supplier from “ (the first state)”.


Market Access, Market Entry and Market Participation

Guaranteed access to the benefits of Chapter III – Services within the CSME is achieved first by the application of Article 7 of the Revised Treaty which require that each member state accord national treatment to the services and services suppliers of any other member, in respect of all measures affecting the provision of services.

Further any treatment given to one member state must be granted to all other member states and any extended by one CARICOM Member State to a non-CARICOM State would require no less favorable than that which it accords its own like services and services suppliers. In practice these rules require an act of liberalization by each Member State in accordance with Articles 36 and 37 of the Revised Treaty under which and by the law of each CARICOM State the authorities must not introduce any new restrictions and remove all existing restrictions on the free movement of services by the four modes of supply. 


Implementation of the Chapter Three Provisions of Services

The Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community expressed how market access, entry and participation would be achieved when they approved “ The Programme For the Removal of Restrictions Under Chapter Three of the Revised Treaty”, at their Thirteenth Inter-Sessional Meeting which was held in Belize City on 3-5 February 2002.The schedule for the programme for the CARICOM Member States is provided in Attachment 1.This programme was originally intended to be implemented between February 2002 and December 2005. A majority of the implementation was actually achieved by July 2006.

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