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Become Eligible for A Benefit

Benefits payable under this Agreement are long term i.e. pensions. If you have been subject to the legislation of two or more CARICOM Member States and you satisfy the conditions for a benefit in all of these Member States, you or your survivors are entitled to a benefit according to the legislation of the CARICOM Member States concerned.

If you have not paid enough contributions to qualify for a benefit in the CARICOM Member States  in which you reside, the contributions you have paid in other CARICOM Member States will be taken into account. You may receive the portion of the benefit to which you are entitled if you have satisfied the relevant conditions. The portion of the benefits you receive will reflect the level  of your contributions in relation to the total contributions required to qualify for the benefit.

What's Happening Now

  • CTCP in Action

    CTCP providing support and resources for the 12 participating countries.

  • Teacher Training in Dominica

    Thirty secondary school teachers will be exposed to the importance of CSME and will be better educated on its role during the workshop.


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CSME Workshops get underway in Dominica

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