Our Single Market

What is the Single Market?

The CARICOM Single Market speaks to a few concepts, specifically:

  • FREE intra-CARICOM movement of Goods
  • FREE intra-CARICOM trade in Services
  • FREE intra-CARICOM movement of Skills
  • FREE intra-CARICOM movement of Capital
  • RIGHT to Establishment


Free movement for gainful economic activity within the CSME is available to wage-earners, self-employed persons and to persons establishing companies and other types of business organisations.

The main changes brought about by the CSME are:

  • abolition of the Work Permit
  • introduction of the CARICOM Skills Certificate (CARICOM Certificate of Recognition of Skills Qualification)
  • definite entry for six (6) months
  • indefinite stay in a Member State
  • the right to transfer one's social security benefits from one CARICOM state to another


Hassle free travel is a necessary condition for persons to fully enjoy the rights connected to movement for the purposes of engagement in gainful economic activity. It is accommodated by:

  • the Common ED Card
  • the CARICOM line at immigration points
  • the abolition of the need for a Visa
  • the CARICOM passport