Movement of Capital

Citizens will be able to transfer money to another country through bank notes, electronic transfers, etc. without having to obtain prior authorisation. No new restriction can be added and the restrictions that already exist will be removed.

There will also be the equal right to buy shares in any company in any Member State and the right to remove your capital from one Member State to another.

Envisaged under the CSME are the easy convertibility of our Region's currencies and the coordination of exchange and interest rate policies.

The free movement of capital will allow firms to have access to a wider market for raising needed capital at competitive rates, thus allowing for the productive sectors to become more competitive both regionally and internationally.

The free movement of capital will allow investors to diversify portfolios regionally and to share in the best performing firms (only if these firms have gone public) across the Region.

The movement of capital across the Region will result in increased investment opportunities and will promote investment.

Envisaged under the CSME too is the development of a regional capital market which would facilitate the free movement of capital. This will increase the attractiveness of the Region as an area for the investment both by regional and non-regional investors.

Removal of restrictions will encourage intra-regional investments in both real and financial assets by reducing risk and uncertainty over the ownership of real property, thus aiding in the development of the regional stock exchange.

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