Temporary Service Provider Info

Service providers may also move to establish businesses under the Companies Act or the Registration of Business Names Act. The procedure in those cases would be the same as those applying to the establishment of business for the provision of goods by a Company.

Additionally, however, service providers may make their services available in other member states using another mode, that is, by moving on a temporary basis. As with the establishment of businesses, there are approved procedures both at points of entry and after entry, regarding treatment of CARICOM nationals wishing to temporarily provide services.

Critical to this process is the application for and the issuance of a certificate by the Competent Authority within the national’s country, subject to the provision of proof relating to:

(a) CARICOM nationality; and

(b) competency to provide the service, or contract to offer service or letter from relevant association or reputable person or body.

The certificate, the lifetime of which is indefinite, along with a valid passport and the contract to offer service or an invitation letter, must be presented to the Immigration officer at the port of entry, who should then grant the CARICOM National sufficient time to provide the service.

A regime has also been approved in respect of the granting of extensions under this regime.

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