Get Qualified


Requirements for moving within the CSME

Approved categories of workers are required to obtain a Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification as

provided for in the CARICOM Skills National Acts of Member States. The Certificate will facilitate free movement into

and within Member States as it would provide Immigration Officials with proof that a CARICOM National belongs to the

approved categories under the CSME.

Entry of approved categories of workers

A CARICOM National with a Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification, who is seeking to enter another

Member State will be granted entry for a definite or indefinite duration. When the Skills Certificate is issued by

the designated Minister of their home country or another Member State, CARICOM Nationals will be granted entry for

six months, during which period the host country has the right to verify that the person indeed belongs to one of the

eligible categories. CARICOM Nationals will be granted indefinite entry when the host country is satisfied that the

person is indeed a Skilled CARICOM National.

Workers not belonging to the approved categories

Workers who are not yet eligible for free movement, will have to apply for a work permit. Once they have found

employment and have a job letter in hand, they must initiate the applicable procedures as laid out in relevant

Immigration and Labour Acts in Member States before accessing employment. The permits are usually issued for a

specific job and for a specific period.